More and more companies are turning to rebuilding existing components, as a cost effective alternative to replacing with new.

White Metal Bearings

At Metec we are able to reclaim out of service components and enhance their service life. These range from 2 inch fan white metal bearing right through to 51 inch ball mill bearings.

Ball Mill Drive Motor

Bearing Shaft was rebuilt on site insitu using portable equipment especially designed for that purpose

White Metal Bearings Rebuild

White Metal Bearings for a steam turbine - complete rebuild to original specifications.

White Metal Fan Bearing

Done by metallising.
Metallising allows bearing turn around in 3-4 days depending on size.

Turbine Bearing

Was originally poured, prove to have no more than 50% - 60% bond. It was then decided to spray the bearing which then gave 100% bond. These units produce 21.6 megawatts each in a North Queensland Powerstation.

Electric Motor Bearing

Rebuilt with babbit remachined to spec.

This bearing was built for a North Queensland Refinery .

Compressor Piston

Thrust faces rebuilt with babbit, machined and connecting pin location point rebuilt

Electric Motor Bearing

White Metal removed and rebuilt using flame spray technology.Second photo shows finished item ready for fitting



Loader Bucket Refurbishment

Boom Connection points welded and remachined to spec. Remove and replace existing hard facing and fit new bucket components for complete rebuild.

Drive Tumbler/Shovel

OEM required extra drive lugs in tumbler. This required devoloping a procedure for preheat welding process and post heat stress relieving. No machining was required on completition. These are also a repairable item and can increase service life by a third.

Euclid Differential

Rebuild all seal and bearing areas. Machine and grind to tolerance speified by the manufacturer.

Winder Box

Stripped and inspected, reassembled, given a test run and monitored with a condition clock


Rebuild of bearing areas and drive which included keyway rebuild. Rebuild of crusher teeth and then capped with hard facing for improved component life.

Drive Tumbler of Excavator

Under half price from O.E.M which gives it a third more life span than O.E.M

Rotary Breaker Tyre Rebuild

Stress relieved and remachined to original size specified by manufacturer.

Rotary Breaker Rebuild

1. Manufacture complete new end. - manufactured new beams.
2. Assembly including fitting of liner plates.
3 .Traveled to site to assist with installation and alignment
4. Major benefit to rebuilding with Metec is a short turn around time compared to other suppliers


Hydraulic Cylinder

Bore rebuilt using arc coating to give better performance and longer life. Bore finished machined and then honed to specified tolerance.

Jaw Crusher Eccentric Shaft Rebuild

Done using arc coatings. Typically, this type of rebuild saves equipment downtime and is very cost effective, as apposed to manufacturing a new item.

Gyro Crusher Seat Repair

Sub arc welding and finish machine to correct spec. N.D.T carried out before and after repair.

Cone Crusher Shaft Rebuild

Using arc coating to rebuild major and minor bearing journals on mantle shaft.

Jaw Crusher Main Shaft Bearing Areas

Rebuilt by welding and machining to spec. N.D.T prior to and after welding.

Crusher Main Body

Welded inside and out. Remachined N.D.T before and after welding.

Spider Bush Area

Premachined and welded. Remachined to size. N.D.T before and after welding . Reclaim spider bush seat

Manganese Seat Area

Submerge arc welded and remachined to spec. Main Shaft Thread Rebuilt, stress relieved and recut. N.D.T carried out before and after welding
Metec has the machinery required to save you downtime and money.

Small Kueken Eccentric Crusher

Shaft bearing areas and eccentric rebuild using chromium nickle wires. No stress relieving required


Can be supplied and fitted, some can be repaired by arc coatings, depending on the application.

Coal Industry

At Metec we are able to reclaim out of service components and enhance their service life. These range from 2 inch fan white metal bearing right through to 51 inch ball mill bearings.

Replacement Hammers for Hammer Mill

Hammers made from alternate material, has proven to increase service life by one third

Refurbishment of Trunion Rolls

Strip and overhaul of bearing assemblies and rebuild of rolling diameter to original specification.

Sugar Industry

Centrifugal Baskets

Plasma sprayed ceamics applied to bottom webs, base (inside & out) and top section (inside & out). This decreases wear

Processing Turbine Assembly

Journals rebuilt using arc coatings.
Bearing journals, seal journals and coupling journals are all rebuildable using Arc spraying technology

Molasses Pump

Internals rebuilt with stainless steel and ceramics. Reassembled and run checked. Ceramic coating used to improve and extend pump life.

Heat Exchanger

Line Bore Tube location holes - This machine was developed and modified to be able to meed the clients specifications.

Processing Mill Cap

Machined and rebuilt using arc sprayprocess and honed to size. Far superior to sleeving.